We are excited to announce the development of our new game coming soon for Windows and Android: “The Dastardly Dairy Debacle”!

The Dastardly Dairy Debacle is a small mobile role-playing game developed and published by Whim Independent Studios. Tap your way and defeat monsters and bosses through five different dungeons to rescue the prized cow “Betty Udderton”!

All was nice and well at the annual Dairy Festival in the land.
Until Lord Umbragog swiped Betty, the prized cow, with his evil hand.
Now four adventurers must go forth & find out why someone would do something so awful.
As they try to solve the Dastardly Dairy Debacle!

Game Information:

Developer: Whim Independent Studios, LLC.
Platforms: Android
Gameplay Length: ~1 hour
Release Date: Spring 2018
Price: Free with Ads


Matthew Hawkins

Jessica Jacuinde

Ryan Homme

Composer/Sound Effects:
Christopher "H2o" Nuño

Grover Wimberly IV

Executive Producers:
Paul Vela
Matthew Estrada

Original Concept/Programming:
Kristian Howard
Mark Martinez

Developed on Unity 5