Smash bugs and hoard your candy in Whim Independent Studios’ premier bug-smashing game!

Cycle between many power-ups such as Bug Spray, Fire Crackers, the “Light of Judgment”, Sugar Cubes, and Bug Swatter!
Unlock boss mode and fend off against three different bosses.
Gorgeous mesh of 2D and 3D visuals!
Unique orchestrated soundtrack!

  • Survive against an onslaught of ravenous insects
  • Kill bosses like Giant Ant Queens, Evil Snails, and Mechanical Bees
  • An awesome orchestral soundtrack.
  • Use power-ups such as Firecrackers, the “Light of Judgment”, a Swatter, or Bug Spray to destroy as many bugs as possible.
Android Requirements:
OS: Android 2.2+
RAM: 1GB recommended

Download the Lite Version | Purchase the Full Version
PC: PC requirements:
OS: Microsoft Windows OS
RAM: 1 GB recommended