The Dastardly Dairy Debacle

Coming Soon for Windows and Android!

We are excited to announce the development of our new game: “The Dastardly Dairy Debacle”!

All was nice and well at the annual Dairy Festival in the land
Until Lord Umbragog swiped Betty, the prized cow, with his evil hand
Now four adventurers must go forth and find out why someone would do something so awful
As they try to solve the Dastardly Dairy Debacle!


Bol, the Stalwart

Bol is the overconfident head of the party always ready to lead the others into battle and often times drag them down with him. He is quick to make up his mind and is often the decision maker only because the rest of the group knows there is no dissuading him once he chooses a path. He is loud, boisterous, but always ready to lend a hand to those in need of saving. Though he rarely thinks things through, the others try to keep him level headed.

[Bol prefers to wear his Grandads chainmail and shield]

Daisy, the Mender

Daisy is along for the ride. She has given up on convincing Bol not to run headlong into danger and is content to simply go along with the party and keep them alive. Her Healer’s oath is probably the only thing keeping her with the party since she knows the second she looks away, Bol will awaken some ancient evil and get himself, and the rest of the group killed. She is often the only one to acknowledge Tom’s opinions but is often unwilling to argue.

[Daisy prefers to wear her warm cloth armor because dungeons get cold]

Valla, the Mystic

Valla is just pleased as punch that someone wants her around after the kerfuffle at the old mage’s guild. Getting work was hard for a while since all the good groups had no open slots, but this one works just fine for her. She’s just glad she doesn’t have to make any decisions for once, and will happily tag along, see new places, meet new people, and incinerate tiny defenseless monsters in the name of adventure.

[Valla prefers to wear her old Mage’s guild tabard and adventurers’ gear]

Tom, the Jaded

Probably the only one in the group that will ever verbally fight Bol on the decisions he makes, (no matter how futile it is) Tom will always voice his dissenting opinions. To Tom, it always seems like he is the only one to realize how ridiculous everyone else is being and will call them out on their overreactions. Tom has had it up to here with prophecies, legends, magic, Bol’s heroics, as well as adventures. He would much rather spend his gold in the tavern but Bol will drag him around anyway, most of the time physically. When the party inevitably gets into danger, Tom relies on his thief training to keep himself alive.

[Tom prefers to wear his padded leather armor to move quietly]

Betty Udderton

The prized cow of the annual Dairy Festival. Taken by the Dark Lord Umbragog for mysterious reasons.

[Betty prefers to wear a pink scarf]

Dark Lord Umbragog

Ever since he was cursed to wear an enchanted suit of armor people have been treating him differently. Yeah, maybe a lot of that was because he had a habit of dominating villages and setting fires, but that part of his past is behind him. For a while he had a great time sitting on his dark throne he had installed in the depths of his multi-tiered underground dungeon, (Dun-Umbragog) and looking evil, but how much of that was because he really wanted to? Maybe he was just fulfilling society’s expectations of him because of the armor? Well, now it was time he found what truly made him happy.

[Umbragog is forced to wear the dark armor and winged helm of Naz’goleth]

Game Information:

Name: The Dastardly Dairy Debacle
Developer: Whim Independent Studios, LLC.
Platforms: Windows PC, Android
Gameplay Length: ~1 hour
Release Date: Winter 2018
Price: TBA


Matthew Hawkins

Jessica Jacuinde

Ryan Homme

Composer/Sound Effects:
Christopher “H2o” Nuño

Grover Wimberly IV

Executive Producers:
Paul Vela
Matthew Estrada

Original Concept/Programming:
Kristian Howard
Mark Martinez

Developed on Unity 5