Open Voiceover Roles – Selatria Updated: 3/9/2017
Auditions for open roles for our games will be posted here. If we make a decision on the role, we will contact you through the e-mail used in your submission.

Due to the high amount of auditions, we will not be able to respond to all possible submissions. If a role no longer exists, we have gotten in contact with someone and cast them for that role.

All auditionees must be of 18 years of age or older.
Auditions end Saturday, April 8 @ 11:59PM (Pacific Time)

How to submit an audition: Please email your audition to the following email with the the following information:

Email Subject: [Selatria] [Audition] [NameOfCharacter] – [YourName]
Filename Format
: firstname_lastname-nameofcharacter.wav

Roles that are cast will be contacted by Paul Vela, Administrative Director via e-mail for legal paperwork and relevant W-9 tax forms before being sent lines.

Open Roles:
Information about these roles are contained in the link at the bottom!
Character Concept Art by: Jennifer Gilliland and Deborah Groves
Dakk’rian Border Guard

Female Grunt Sad
Audition Lines for Dakk’rian Border Guard

Edmond (Left)

Janine (Right)

Mage Parents Concept Art
 Audition lines for Edmond

Audition lines for Janine

Number 011

Number 011 Enthused
 Audition lines for Number 011

Number 012

Number 012_Smirk
 Audition Lines for Number 012


Roussell Faces Angry

Audition lines for Roussell


Spy Commander

<No art available.>

Audition lines for Spy Commander