Open Voiceover Roles
Auditions for open roles for our games will be posted here. If we make a decision on the role, we will contact you through the e-mail used in your submission.

Due to the high amount of auditions, we will not be able to respond to all possible submissions. If a role no longer exists, we have gotten in contact with someone and cast them for that role.

Auditions for Roussell are now open!

How to submit an audition: Please email your audition to the following email with the the following information:

Email Subject: [Selatria] [Audition] Roussell – [YourName]
Filename Format
: firstname_lastname-nameofcharacter.wav

Roles that are cast will be contacted by Paul Vela, Administrative Director via e-mail for legal paperwork and relevant W-9 tax forms before being sent lines.

Approx word count for final role: ~40
Approx line count for final role: ~10
Deadline for submission: July 14, 2017


• A samurai character who sees his hometown be attacked by the incoming Dakk’rian Empire. Does what he can to save it. Honorable.

• Fatherly, firm, middle-aged, confident, can become unfriendly when needed.

British Accent, Dialect is up to you.

Audition Lines

Child: I’m scared… They’re going to take me!

Roussell: They won’t take you, that I promise. I won’t lose another…

[Looks around]

Roussell: Something is amiss…

Roussell: They’ve found us.

Roussell: Show yourselves! I know you’re here!


Roussell: I’m still …standing, you coward!