Open Voiceover Roles
Auditions for open roles for our games will be posted here. If we make a decision on the role, we will contact you through the e-mail used in your submission.

Due to the high amount of auditions, we will not be able to respond to all possible submissions. If a role no longer exists, we have gotten in contact with someone and cast them for that role.

There are currently no auditions open at this time.

Update – May 27, 2017

Thank you for auditioning for Selatria! As of now, we have results and callbacks ready for the public. The decisions were difficult to make, but at the end we had to boil it down to a select few. We hope to see you all audition again for future projects.

Now for the Results:



Catty Donnelly


Aimee Smith

Dakk’rian Border Guard

Brittany Lauda

Number 011

Ariel Highwind

Number 012

Andrew Boa


Due to the character description being inaccurate, we will be holding auditions soon for this character soon, with the updated information.



For the actors cast in their roles, we will be contacting you shortly to discuss contracts and payment for your roles.

For the callback actors, we will be sending an email shortly, with the callback information and deadline.

Thank you very much, everyone!